The Dangerous Potato

The Dangerous Potato himself has quite the background story as you might imagine. Check back in for more on the spudly man, the potato myth, the crispy legend.

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We are here for your laughter. Give it to us. No seriously. We will take it from you.

Dangerous Potato is a group of comedy writers from across the globe working together to provide no holds barred entertainment to any and everyone.

Founded by Michael Awada in Denver, Colorado and heavily inspired by the works of William Walter Malnati Jr. Dangerous Potato calls on the talents of Sami Stakes, Edward Guinn and Woobs Freeman.

Monkey Business

primate pete - dangerous potato - monkey business

Season 1 of Monkey Business is under development. We hope you enjoy peeking into the life and adventures of Primate Pete. We’ll be posting teaser content as it becomes available. Please share your comments, suggestions and opinions with us. Our sole goal is to make you and your family laugh!

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